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Adam Vetere is an inspirational and innovative garden designer in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas, with a unique background in horticulture, graphic design, practical landscaping and business design. From small town house gardens to multi acre schemes for large country homes, Adam has worked on a variety of projects, and delivers them all with an equal enthusiasm for the challenges they bring. He is driven by his continued passion for plants and sustainable design.

Innovative Design

“I’ve designed gardens both large and small, town or country, drawing upon inspiration from the four corners of the world, utilising my passion for plants and inspirational design.”

An accomplished designer, Adam created his first designs in the early 1990s at a reputable landscape design and construction company, working with them for several years.

Adam soon had the opportunity put his extensive graphical design training to good use. As he built and constructed visionary and practical designs himself, he gained a greater understanding of the practical and budgetary limits of the materials and the time needed to implement a design scheme.

After a subtle change of career into business and financial design, Adam took on a role where the need for design and the future were key concerns; how will the business grow, how will it develop, how will it succeed in a particular environment? These are all the fundamentals that a great garden designer needs to understand with the plants, the climate, their positioning and companions.

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Adam Vetere, Garden and Landscape Designer in Basignstoke

What I Do

Garden Design Services

Adam is skilled in horticulture, having graduated from the London College of Garden Design in 2019. He has worked on gardens in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas, and provides bespoke services such as:

From the inital brief and survey stages, to the creation of your new garden, Adam is intimately involved with every garden he designs.

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Garden and Landscape Design by Adam Vetere in Basignstoke

Did You Know?

Gardens in Basingstoke

There are many beautiful gardens in Basingstoke which you can visit, including The Vyne, Eastrop Park and Glebe Gardens.

The gardens at The Vyne country house in Sherborne St John are maintained by the National Trust. The house is a Tudor mansion, built in the 16th century for Lord Sandys, Henry VIII's Lord Chamberlain.

Photograph of The Vyne taken from the Vist Hampshire website, (link)

the vyne basingstoke


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