Evolve & improve with age

Depending on the complexity of the design, your personal circumstances and/or your design requirements, the completed garden will always need a level of maintenance to ensure it evolves and improves with age – just like ourselves!

I will gladly take on this future support and design and will construct a care and maintenance package for your new/improved garden which will meet your personal needs and requirements. I can provide scheduled maintenance, be it weekly, monthly or quarterly, depending on the time of year or your specific requirements, or one-off visits and within a reasonable distance from my home location.  For those of you a little further afield, I will support you via phone, skype and other communication methods, but of course I will be glad to attend whenever the need arises.


Guidance & Support

It is key that we develop a great relationship, I am always available to provide future guidance and support whenever needed, be it person, on the phone, email, social media etc…

If you would like a design change after a period of time, then I can guide you through the process; if you would like a different pruning schedule, then I can help you with it; if you would like structural change, then I can advise; if you would like to raise the canopy (bottom prune) of your trees then I can guide you. These are just some the items that I can help you with, which is all part of the ongoing care and support that I provide, and as I say, “great design evolves over time!”


Get in touch

If you have a project in mind, please tell us about it


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