Cottage Gardens

The previous owners had two smaller existing borders along the eastern side of the house, just outside the kitchen.  The kitchen itself has a large window overlooking this area, which resulted in a largely underwhelming view which needed to be improved.  There was also a mature apple tree and  Syringa vulgaris 'Madame Lemoine' in close proximity.

The brief was to create a flowing scheme for the entire season, which gently followed the contours of the site, linking to the other areas of the garden to the south of the site. In addition, both the apple tree and Syringa were to be incorporated into the design.  The focus was then on the quality of the planting plan, as an array of cottage plants were requested.











The approach focussed on extending one of the existing beds to encompass both mature trees in a much larger, free-flowing bed. This allowed it to be filled with exuberant cottage plants and perennials which would last the entire season, with the help of a regular 'Chelsea Chop'.  The remaining bed in front of the kitchen window was then extended in an easterly direction to mirror the larger free flowing bed, thus allowing a swooping lawn path to develop which would take the visitor on a journey through the garden.  This was mirrored on the other side of the main bed, with the addition of a long flowing Ericaceous border which created a wonderful backdrop to the cottage bed and yet another grass path which gave the visitor a completely different aspect to the design.



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