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Inside a house with the benefit of a large atrium, the brief was to create a desert scheme which would tolerate the 'dry' conditions of a centrally-heated house.  So often houseplants suffer because they originate from a humid/moist part of the world (The Tropics), so it was important for the scheme to suit the environment.

The rectangular bed was 4m x 1m, which cut down through the surrounding floor boards and joists, so that the plants could run their roots into the top soil layer beneath.  The bed itself was lined with polythene to protect the surrounding timbers and filled with large quantities of a free draining topsoil, mixed with large amounts of grit and aggregate to create the desert-like soil conditions. It was actually well-filled in places to 30cm or more to create more of a 3D effect, allowing differing levels to receive some large pieces of stone.

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The planting scheme was based around Aloes and Succulents, notable inclusions were Aloe striatulata, arborescens and vera, Aeonium Zwartkop, Agave reticulata and a number of Cacti. It was then topped with a mulch of chippings to retain the moisture within the dry environment.



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