Garden Design

The garden design process is a highly complex and detailed one, which I will guide you through every step of the way.

It may sound a little onerous, but it isn’t, providing you employ the skills and knowledge of a garden & landscape designer. It is a thoroughly intriguing and enjoyable process, which can be separated into three distinct stages, from initial concepts and designs, through to fine detailing, construction and planting design, and ultimately the selection of a preferred contractor and the construction of your garden.

AV Garden Design Stage 2 Image


The Outline Design

At the first stage of the process, I will create the initial concepts and designs for your new garden.

From our inital meeting and consultation, through to the production of a presentation or 'Outline Design Proposal' for the scheme, I will be there to guide you through the steps needed to create your dream garden.

Initial Meeting & Consultation

This is our first meeting, where I have an opportunity to evaluate your garden, your requirements, wishes and needs.

The meeting will normally last about 90 minutes, depending on the size and complexity of your garden. At this point, as I begin to understand the direction of the future design, I will begin to discuss my initial thoughts with you, which will be ‘embryonic in nature’ at this stage. From here, I will then be able to better explain the design process for your particular needs and I will provide a detailed quote for the design works to be completed. There is a fee for this meeting.

Initial meeting for garden design


I am intimately involved with every garden I design.

At this stage, I am spending time on site with the client and sketching out and understanding the essence and soul of a place - this is my starting point. I will ask you many questions or to complete a questionnaire, so I can better understand both you, the client and the space that is to be designed and developed. From this I construct a written brief that contains a full breakdown and explanation of how the process will work.

garden design brief


Depending on the complexity and scale of the space, I will use a professional surveyor to complete the site survey, assess and understand the topography (level changes), existing buildings, trees, utilities and services, that will form the basis of the design.

I will contract a professional surveyor to complete the survey; these costs will be quoted separately, and I am happy to arrange this for you. I will also make a full photographic survey and analysis which feeds into the outline design proposal.

Garden Design survey by Adam Vetere

Outline Design Presentation

I will then make a presentation of the proposed scheme.

This is referred to as the outline design and is an extensive selection of 3d perspective photorealistic visuals, before and after or similar photos, plans, mood boards, planting and material suggestions and everything needed to convey how the finished garden will look. This is the first tangible visualisation of your future landscape or garden. At this stage, minor changes can be made before being finalised in the detailed plans and drawings. I charge a fixed fee for the outline design, which is laid out in the original quote.

example garden design presentation

3D Animation

If a design is complex, the site is challenging and/or you need more help with visualising your potential new garden, then we can produce a 3D animation to help the process.

It is developed off the back off our 3D modelling software and delivers photorealistic animated renderings of your new garden.

It is an additional service which can be added to your design quote.

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3D animation by Adam Vetere
Site Masterplan


The Detailed Design

Once we have an agreed design, I can then commence with the detailed design of your new garden.

I construct a detailed project/design plan, which records any amendments and revisions resulting from the previous stage and our ongoing communications.

I take great care in the detail of every design, ensuring the finest aspects of every space have been tailored to your exacting requirements - I am a man who is proud of every project that I produce, so I always ensure that I create a truly exceptional design for each and every client. The final design package allows the proposed scheme to be accurately costed and budgeted, and of course, constructed to your exacting requirements.

Drawings & Plans

At this stage, I will be preparing the construction and detailing drawings, setting out plans, hard and soft landscaping plans, drainage and lighting drawings.

It’s at this stage that I finish and complete the planting design, so I will plan a future meeting with yourselves to review the finished scheme. Depending on your initial requirements, I will also be recommending the furniture for the garden at this stage.

The final part of this stage is to produce the detailed specification and scope documents for the tender package. I will circulate the package to three preferred suppliers, so that they may produce a construction quote for you. Once received, I will collaboratively take you through the pros and cons of each response, assessing quality, cost, timing and location.

Garden Design survey by Adam Vetere
Example Client Brief Image


Contract & Construction

You are now ready to have your new garden constructed.

The first step, however, is to put in place an industry standard contract between you the client and the contractor. It seems daunting, but I will provide the contract template and will guide you through the process.

Final Stages

Once the contractor is engaged and construction starts, I will complete site inspections for you on a regular basis (normally weekly), to ensure that the quality of the workmanship is of the highest standard and that the design and layout is fully understood and interpreted.


  • Contract Agreement
  • Garden Construction
  • Site Inspections
3D animation by Adam Vetere


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