Plant Sourcing & Planting

Once the construction has been completed, it is imperative that the design is completed with top quality plants and trees, ‘painting the picture’ of the new garden.

Plant Nurseries

I can supply all the plants and trees from the best Nurseries in the country or if needed, organise the import of them from Europe, but only from accredited suppliers who are licenced to do so.

All the plants from the planting plans will be sourced, checked and delivered to site ready for planting.

As part of the plant sourcing service, I will regularly visit the Nurseries prior to purchase of the plants and trees, ensuring you will receive the highest quality specimens available at that time. This is extremely important, as the quality of nursery stock can vary greatly.

For a garden scheme with several large specimen plants/trees in the planting plan, I do recommend a personal visit with you to the Nursery, so we can take time to select the best specimens for your garden.

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