Planting Design

Whether it is part of the entire design of your garden or just the revitalisation of a planting bed within your garden, I can help bring the planting design to life.

Planting Design Scheme

Planting Design is key to the success of an overall design scheme, as it will add height, depth, structure, dynamism and energy to the garden.

It’s a fine art which needs a lot of background investigation and research to guarantee the delivery of a scheme which will work for you. I need to consider several factors, such as soil type, drainage, aspect, prevailing winds, micro-climate for that particular area of the garden, planting aims, such as height, colour, planting density, structure and texture, your wishes and the existing wider garden which must be reconciled back too.

Planting Plans

To ensure that you can visualise the scheme or concept of the planting design, I aim to produce 2D planting plans noting plant species, location and quantities, plus background support documentation and planting boards showing all the plants and trees with maintenance details, if requested.

I can create everything from flower bed designs to large landscape design schemes. For larger schemes and gardens, 3D visualisations can be produced to assist you with your decision.



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